Thursday, 31 March 2011

Audience Feedback...

Evaluation of questionnaires.

These questions have been used from the audience questionnaires with our most effective and useful answers given...

1. How old are you? Average age 20

2. Are you male or female? 20 Male, 16 Female

3. Which age group do you think the film is best suited for? 16-35

4. Why? Because it includes scenes of a sexually suggestive nature and mature themes.

5. Do you think the shots used were effective in creating tension and suspense and conforming to typical psychological thriller? Yes, we used point of view shots and over the shoulder shots so that it could be seen from the psychos point of view. We used extreme close-ups and establishing shots to understand the mind of the killer so the audience were brought into the world of the this eerie couple.

6. Why? Most Thrillers show society in a dark and dangerous way and normally contain violence and murder, this film fits this criteria to a certain degree because of the use of shots in the film and how it represents our characters. For example, they used high angle shots of Elise to show her as the victim and they used mid-length shots at the start of the film focused on Ike to show him as a neutral character before the audience get suspicious. However thrillers often feature a happy ending in which the antagonist is killed but in this film the antagonist is simply found out and it is suggested that the victim will be murdered with no consequence for the killer. The end scene is a close up shot of Elise being held tightly by Ike and although we can see only her face in the shot, it is mostly taken up with Ikes back so this shows that he is dominant within this shot and therefore dominant of the situation at hand.

7. Was the music used appropriately for the film? Yes, they used two different pieces of music for the film for the different tones running through it. One was slightly eerie, but quite light and the other

8. Did it help to create suspense? Yes, the two pieces of music had a different pace so as one melody built tension it would suddenly drop, and the second piece would come in slower and confuse the audience causing tension and creating suspense.

9. Give three things about the film you liked? • The acting was very believable at portraying the characters, the directors were very wise to use two A-level drama students who they knew would be skilled. • The filming, range of shots used. For example, the different angles used built tension. • The locations were used very effectively to get across the different themes of the film. (Romance/Thriller)

10. Why did you like them? Created tension, made you want the film to be feature length so that you could watch on but also it made you want to see more from these very talented directors and their artistic filming skills.

11. Give three things about the film that could be improved?
• More dialogue throughout the film • Better quality of sound with props used • More location shots through out the film

12. How do you think we could improve these things? You could add more dialogue or even a voice over through out the film. The props used should have been very close to the mircophone so that the sound would definately be clear.

13. Does our film look professional? Yes, it is slick, course and explicit like a conventional thriller should be.

14. Would you pay to watch this film? Yes, i believe this film is definately worthy of payment, it's as good as any other amateur short film thriller.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Our finished film, before re-editing..

This film got great feedback but we do not have any titles running through it and so we must put them in before this film is totally finished.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Film Review

This is my film review for our second mini project within the overall project.I looked at different codes and conventions of film reviews and the most common ones were: -The text is of the same font through out the article except for the title. -Most reviews contains one large image. -Aswell as highlighting a quote from the text by changing its colour and font size. -The image shown in our piece is a still motion picture from the actual film as i felt this was more appropriate as people reading the review who then go on to watch the film will automatically relate to the frozen image to the actual clip of the film These are

Film reviews i found...
Positive Review
Life As We Know It

When her best friends die in a car accident, Holly (Heigl) is left to raise their young child. The only problem? Her co-surrogate is feckless ladies' man Eric (Duhamel)...

Knocked Up’s Katherine Heigl returns to the baby-boom comedy — but this time, it’s someone else’s sprogs. Holly’s best friends die in a car crash, leaving their child Sophie to her and their friend Eric (Josh Duhamel). Naturally, he is a self-serving ladies’ man whom she loathes, and so they must bicker and eventually bond over dirty nappies and nosy neighbours. So, the outline’s no great shakes, and the tone’s changeable: it goes from poignant drama to perky comedy without much respect for the fictional dead. Still, there are laughs: The Broken Hearts Club director Greg Berlanti brings a dash of irreverence to the table and the humour can go dark. It isn’t as insipid as the plot suggests, it’s just a shame the story goes nowhere — slowly.

Funnier and darker than you might expect, although the tone fluctuates wildly enough to seriously disorientate.

Reviewer: Anna Smith

Negative Review

Babe: Pig In The City

When the bank threatens to forclose Babe's farm, he and the farmer's wife agree to open a state fair for a large fee, but loose their way in the big city.

How did this happen? Where Babe brought deep-rooted joy, the sequel brings fidgety depression. And save us from films in which chimpanzees dress in human clothes. Didn't we ban that or something?

Reviewer: Andrew Collins

Editing shots...

As with most typical editing we have had to refine our film a lot but now we are happy that our editing skills are up to a professional standard and we are able to pick out key scenes and edit out any clips that simply drag the feature out...

Editing Cont'd.

We have looked over our film and decided that some parts of the film just didn't work very well so we decided to re-film everything as we were able to work more co-operatively and effectively because we really knew what we were doing this time.

Filming went really well but we then realised half way through the boom hadn't been turned on! We re-filmed what we could but we were running out of time so we then had to edit what we had and do voice overs which ended up working out really well because the sound was much clearer.

I have now found two pieces of suitable music for our piece which i will have to edit because they are too long for our five minute film. It will take some time to perfect the timing of the two songs with the pace of the film but we should be able to do this within the time limit of the gantt chart.
They are called:
'Personal Demons' and 'Final Sacrifice'.

Once the editing has been successfully put together with the music i will be satisfied with our finished feature!

Film Poster

After alot of significant research into different conventions of film posters, analysing every detail they include, Beeca realised alot was missing from ours. The typcial conventions of a film poster include; -a billing block, containing all director, editor, producer details etc. (using different font types in this, making names big etc-this dds to appearance) -quotes from newspapers/writers -ratings -logos -age certificate -title -picture -tag line Becca developed these conventions to make a realistic and professional film poster for Forget Me Knot.
This is my detailed research into posters...

Location Shots

We decided to use these specific location shots because our target audience age was 16-35. We used simple location shots so that it would appeal to all ages but we also used abstract angles of the locations so that we could attract the right kind of target audience, Thriller/romance film fans. We think that these location shots are very appropriate for the film and they set the genre immediately and our mis-en-scene works really well with the forms and conventions of a typical thriller/romance film.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Gantt Chart for production schedules

This is our Gantt chart which we will follow religiously as to get our film finished on time and edited successfully.

Update: We were able to stick roughly to the gantt chart dates but unfortunately i became ill during the making of the film and Becca had to take on the work load for a few weeks but luckily we managed to get things back on track as soon as i was better and we only missed a few minor deadlines. We have made sure that the work we have done has been sufficiently up to standard since i was ill to make sure we didn't loose any more time by going back and re-doing things that we had done in a rush! We have worked really well together to get a thorough and detailed film, blog and evaluation.

BBFC rating, specific to our film

BBFC ratings
If the BBFC were to rate our film, we think they would put it as a 12. We decdied this as even though the film is a thriller genre it dosnt have the images that might disturb.
This is the BBFC 12 rating:
These categories are awarded where the material is suitable, in general, only for those aged 12 and over. Works classified at these categories may upset children under 12 or contain material which many parents will find unsuitable for them.