Thursday, 9 December 2010

One Pager

Forget me knot

For better or for worse

The opening shot will be of photos on a mantle piece of key moments in Ike and Elise’s life, for example their marriage, events, etc. They will have been together for 6 months. It will then cut to a shot of Elise in bed sleeping and Ike leaning over her in an unusual, creepy, abnormal manner, sniffing her hair. Elise will then wake up and see him; she will just push him off playfully. It will then cut to a small scene in the kitchen of Elise cooking dinner saying “it smelt really good” and Ike turning around, hugging her from behind saying “yeah It does smell so good”, sniffing her hair. The next beat in the film will be Ike in his shed outside looking through a box of old photos and objects. He takes out and looks closely at 2 pictures of him and previous girlfriends. The camera will zoom into the photo looking at the woman first and then Ike, so it creates suspense. He will then take out 2 strands of different coloured hair from his previous girlfriends, he will smell them. Elise will then walk in, he will turn around slowly, not scared of the fact she will see the hair and photos in his hand. She will look at him and ask what is in his hand and he will explain that he has this belief in life that when he has a girlfriend he must kill them. He treats her as if she does not need to be scared, and that she should enjoy it. He will go up to her and show her the photos; she will stand there shocked, speechless.He will hug her tightly and pull a pair of scissors out from his pocket and he will snip a strand of her hair off. This will be the last shot.

Ike: computer programmer
-In his early twenties.
- His personality in photos looks so normal, but in person comes across as different, strange.
- Quirky
Elise: Artist.
-In her early twenties.
-Comes across as a strong woman, who loves her Ike very much.
Our target audience will be from 16-35. We believe that people will find this intriguing and something different, as it will make the audience think.