Thursday, 9 December 2010

One Pager

Forget me knot

For better or for worse

The opening shot will be of photos on a mantle piece of key moments in Ike and Elise’s life, for example their marriage, events, etc. They will have been together for 6 months. It will then cut to a shot of Elise in bed sleeping and Ike leaning over her in an unusual, creepy, abnormal manner, sniffing her hair. Elise will then wake up and see him; she will just push him off playfully. It will then cut to a small scene in the kitchen of Elise cooking dinner saying “it smelt really good” and Ike turning around, hugging her from behind saying “yeah It does smell so good”, sniffing her hair. The next beat in the film will be Ike in his shed outside looking through a box of old photos and objects. He takes out and looks closely at 2 pictures of him and previous girlfriends. The camera will zoom into the photo looking at the woman first and then Ike, so it creates suspense. He will then take out 2 strands of different coloured hair from his previous girlfriends, he will smell them. Elise will then walk in, he will turn around slowly, not scared of the fact she will see the hair and photos in his hand. She will look at him and ask what is in his hand and he will explain that he has this belief in life that when he has a girlfriend he must kill them. He treats her as if she does not need to be scared, and that she should enjoy it. He will go up to her and show her the photos; she will stand there shocked, speechless.He will hug her tightly and pull a pair of scissors out from his pocket and he will snip a strand of her hair off. This will be the last shot.

Ike: computer programmer
-In his early twenties.
- His personality in photos looks so normal, but in person comes across as different, strange.
- Quirky
Elise: Artist.
-In her early twenties.
-Comes across as a strong woman, who loves her Ike very much.
Our target audience will be from 16-35. We believe that people will find this intriguing and something different, as it will make the audience think.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Script for Forget Me Knot

Secondary Research

Film Websites linked to posters...
IMDB For Psycho
IMDB For Seven

Only Inception had a website for the specific film, i think this is because both Psycho and Seven are much older films, this means that marketing and distribution are not necessary as the films have gained fame through word of mouth and popularity. Many older films do not have websites anymore, if at all, this new way of marketing and distribution has spread like wild-fire in the last 5 years. These statistics show that using a website for a film would be undeniably useful to the popularity of the film...

In 2010, 30.1 million adults in the UK (60 per cent) accessed the Internet every day or almost every day. This is nearly double the estimate in 2006 of 16.5 million.

Ancillary Research

We have taken 3 posters from what we think are the three most successful psychological thrillers. Inception, Seven and Psycho. Inceptions poster looks automatically like a hollywood block buster, the graphics and detail within the poster show that there has been a lot of time spent on it to make it as good as it can be to make the distribution process successful. The poster shows extremely large buildings, sleek, modern and black either side with water running through the middle, Leonardo De Caprio is stood with his back facing the audience with his head turned slightly so we are able to recognise him. He has a gun in his hand which makes him look powerful but his other hand is in his pocket which reflects that his body language is very calm and relaxed even though being in the midst of the collasel sized buildings and the fact he is up to his knees in water. The main colour theme of this poster is black,grey and red, this is a recurring colour theme within the movie and on the website. This reflects the dangerous and dark genre of the film very well.
This film poster is not as highly polished as inception as it was made in 1960 so the access to technical editing was very limited. The main character, the women, takes up most of the poster, she in a bra and underskirt making her look seductive but her expression is pretified, selling sex with scare. The main male character is completely red, this speaks volumes as it later turns out he is evil. The title Psycho is also written in yellow but it is torn up into pieces like a jigsaw puzzle put back together showing this film is a murder msytery.
This films poster has very dark and gritty colours, dark mud browns, yellows and blacks, as well as subtle bits of red. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman have their faces put on the poster very close up. They are back to back, looking inquisitively and seriously into the camera. Between them is the seven deadly sins written in a list vertically. Each word has a red slash through it, almost like ticking them off a checklist which gives away that this film has the seven deadly sins as the theme and it is most definately a murder mystery!

These film posters worked well to fit the forms and convention of our film genre. The pattern through out these posters shows bold, bright colours and text. The colours are definately suited to the films and you can tell straight away they are thrillers, yet each are so very different from one another. So we decided to make our film poster focus on scissors and the hair rather than putting the characters in the poster, this doesn't fit to the forms and conventions of most thriller film posters but we thought it very abstract and unique and would make the audience form ideas in their head about the film rather than giving them a very obvious clue about what happens. If we were to realistically distribute and market this film i think the film poster we make would work successfully to attract our specific target audience as it looks mature enough for 30 year olds yet simple enough for 16 year olds.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Evidence of Presentation of Film Pitch

After our film pitch we answered questions and recieved constructive criticisms which would improve the films reality.
Instead of our slogan saying 'Forget me not' it is now 'Forget me knot' a play on words as the main character Ike, has a fetish with hair, he kills his partners and cuts locks of their hair tying them into knots and hiding them in a black box with past pictures of the deceased girlfriends.
We changed the ages of the characters so they are 20 but Ike's past girlfriends were past wives and we realised this couldn't work now that Ike wasn't a vampire because he hadn't been 20 for many years so we changed this idea to fit accordingly to the genre and new idea!

Film Pitch

This was our pitch for our short film, we presented it to the class and had some good feedback which we are taking on board.
There are a few changes we are going to make...
Firstly: Instead of them being married, they are just going to be partners, and instead of Ike having previous wives they will be previous partners. We have done this becuase they are playing the age of 20, and it would not be as realistic if he had been married twice already at that age
Secondly, instead of calling it "forget me not", we are calling it "forget me knot", this will work better as its giving the audience some clues and will create automatic tension.

Idea 1- scrapped! Idea 2 - Psychological Thriller

Within doing our research we found that a vampire 'esque' type movie would be too hard to produce as it would have to look undeniably believable to pull it off. We realised with lack of sufficient funds and time we would not be able to pull it off in a convincing manner.
We have decided to do a psychological thriller instead of romantic comedy as we already have thorough knowledge of thriller films as we did this genre last year at AS.

We want a 'Psycho-esque' feel to our film, creating vast amounts of tension and thrill within our piece whilst also keeping it realistic and clever.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Research into Vampire themes..

Twilight is massive, the books were loved widely and the films became instantly popular due to the success of the books and the 'dashing' characters within the film..
This is a trailer from the first film

Ideas for the film..

We are thinking of a 'vampire-esque' type film, with a twist of historical romance. Vampire themes are massive right now so it would definately link with a modern audience and catch their attention immediately.
We though of a story line where a woman falls in love with a vampire (disguised as a normal human being) but then has her life threatened as the man wants to kill her, so she must fight for her life. We thought the monologue from Shakespeare's 'A Winters Tale' where Hermione must make a speech to save her life in front of a court and this is relative to the women in our story because she must also fight for her life.

This is the touching speech:
HERMIONE:Since what I am to say must be but that
Which contradicts my accusation, and
The testimony on my part no other
But what comes from myself, it shall scarce boot me
To say, "Not guilty." Mine integrity,
Being counted falsehood, shall, as I express it,
Be so received. But thus: if powers divine
Behold our human actions, as they do,
I doubt not then but innocence shall make
False accusation blush and tyranny
Tremble at patience. You, my lord, best know,
Who least will seem to do so, my past life
Hath been as continent, as chaste, as true,
As I am now unhappy; which is more
Than history can pattern, though devised
And played to take spectators. For behold me--
A fellow of the royal bed, which owe
A moiety of the throne, a great king's daughter,
The mother to a hopeful prince -- here standing
To prate and talk for life and honor 'fore
Who please to come and hear. For life, I prize it
As I weigh grief, which I would spare. For honor,
'Tis a derivative from me to mine,
And only that I stand for. I appeal
To your own conscience, sir, before Polixenes
Came to your court, how I was in your grace,
How merited to be so; since he came,
With what encounter so uncurrent I
Have strained t' appear thus; if one jot beyond
The bound of honor, or in act or will
That way inclining, hardened be the hearts
Of all that hear me, and my near'st of kin
Cry fie upon my grave!


We have been looking at Tropfest which is an organisation of a short film competeition. They choose a theme every year which film makers entering have to reflect in their film. People that win the competiton have become very well known directors. It started out In Austrlia and is now in the US-New York. Here is an example of one of their films...

It was the winner of 'Tropfest' NY, 2008. It really inspired our group to make a meaningful short film, our ideas of romance are changing slightly now...

Choosing our film type..

We had a choice of trailer/short film or music video.
After researching all three our group found that a music video was too complex and we had already done a trailer last year, so we decided on a short film. We then researched short films and found a fantastic website called 'Tropfest', where thousands of short films are posted online for viewers to watch. We are still unsure of the genre as romantic comdey is quite hard, we think romance might be easier so we can concentrate on the editing of the film.

Choosing our Genre

To choose our film genre we picked out three trailers we liked within a genre.
I chose romantic comedy and my three film trailers were....

The Holiday

Love Actually

and Dear John

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Inception, Full Trailer

Looking At Trailers...


We looked at the trailer for the 2010 film 'Inception'. I filled out an analysis sheet for the trailer and as a class we then discussed the forms and conventions of the it.

Trailer Genre = Psychological Thriller/Action, from the maker of "The Dark Knight"
Narrative = Complete Enigma, lot's of narratives in one, sensory overload, feel like i need to wake up!
Unique Selling Point (USP) = Famous main characters-Leonardo DeCaprio and Micheal Caine, Super-natural fantasy (18+)
Music = Starts off slow, deep bass, gets much faster to build tension
Shot types/camera angles = Establishing shots, close ups, action shots, point-of-view, low angles-power of mind against human
Pace = starts slow but gets faster, shots get shorter, long shots make you take in voice over, bit of text-action shot-another bit of text
Dialogue = talking gets louder then culminates to women screaming
Voiceover = Done by Leonardo DeCaprio
Special Effects = lots of CGI, water crashing into buildings, cities collapsing, cities being burnt down, huge mountatins and flying through the air, slow motion
Credits and intertitles = Dark coloured credits, inter-titles calm us down, Warner Brothers have a dark city going through it. Title on a complicated maze

Monday, 13 September 2010

A2 and whats to come...

What am I looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to improving on some of the aspects of last year’s project. I’m also looking forward to creating a short film instead of an opening because it will give us more time to prove our skills.

What you want to achieve?
• To develop new editing skills
• To be more organised, therefore productive
• To have a successful short story that gets the point across quickly and effectively

Any fears/worries?
I am worried about the choice of storyline. This is really important to making an effective short story. I think editing will also be a worry this year as we are not sure if the software is working well this year.

AS Evaluation....

What we did?
This year we filmed and edited a 2 minute film opening for a thriller film. We had to carry out market research which included a questionnaire, gantt chart aswell as watching and analysing current thriller films. We then had to film the trailer at a location of our choice. After that we had to edit the shots on Adobe Premiere. We invited friends to watch our finished film and got audience feedback through a questionnaire which we then put into our final media evaluation.
What went well?
I think we chose our location well and our choice of music was very effective in the final piece. Our story line was appropriate for the Thriller theme and our team work was effective in meeting our deadlines
What could be improved?
I think we could improve the quality of editing and the dialogue volume throughout the film was poor. The software itself was incredibly slow and so editing was a problem but we managed to work around it by working after hours at school.