Sunday, 26 September 2010


We have been looking at Tropfest which is an organisation of a short film competeition. They choose a theme every year which film makers entering have to reflect in their film. People that win the competiton have become very well known directors. It started out In Austrlia and is now in the US-New York. Here is an example of one of their films...

It was the winner of 'Tropfest' NY, 2008. It really inspired our group to make a meaningful short film, our ideas of romance are changing slightly now...

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  1. you need to look at short films and as with the research on the romance genre you also need to research codes and conventions of the short film form. Think about the audience of these texts. How will you appeal to these groups of people. Try and find examples of romantic comedy short film. Look also on the BBC shorts website for ideas.