Thursday, 23 September 2010

Looking At Trailers...


We looked at the trailer for the 2010 film 'Inception'. I filled out an analysis sheet for the trailer and as a class we then discussed the forms and conventions of the it.

Trailer Genre = Psychological Thriller/Action, from the maker of "The Dark Knight"
Narrative = Complete Enigma, lot's of narratives in one, sensory overload, feel like i need to wake up!
Unique Selling Point (USP) = Famous main characters-Leonardo DeCaprio and Micheal Caine, Super-natural fantasy (18+)
Music = Starts off slow, deep bass, gets much faster to build tension
Shot types/camera angles = Establishing shots, close ups, action shots, point-of-view, low angles-power of mind against human
Pace = starts slow but gets faster, shots get shorter, long shots make you take in voice over, bit of text-action shot-another bit of text
Dialogue = talking gets louder then culminates to women screaming
Voiceover = Done by Leonardo DeCaprio
Special Effects = lots of CGI, water crashing into buildings, cities collapsing, cities being burnt down, huge mountatins and flying through the air, slow motion
Credits and intertitles = Dark coloured credits, inter-titles calm us down, Warner Brothers have a dark city going through it. Title on a complicated maze

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  1. Please post your short film evaluations as this is what will link to your practical production and count as research.