Monday, 13 September 2010

AS Evaluation....

What we did?
This year we filmed and edited a 2 minute film opening for a thriller film. We had to carry out market research which included a questionnaire, gantt chart aswell as watching and analysing current thriller films. We then had to film the trailer at a location of our choice. After that we had to edit the shots on Adobe Premiere. We invited friends to watch our finished film and got audience feedback through a questionnaire which we then put into our final media evaluation.
What went well?
I think we chose our location well and our choice of music was very effective in the final piece. Our story line was appropriate for the Thriller theme and our team work was effective in meeting our deadlines
What could be improved?
I think we could improve the quality of editing and the dialogue volume throughout the film was poor. The software itself was incredibly slow and so editing was a problem but we managed to work around it by working after hours at school.

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