Monday, 11 October 2010

Evidence of Presentation of Film Pitch

After our film pitch we answered questions and recieved constructive criticisms which would improve the films reality.
Instead of our slogan saying 'Forget me not' it is now 'Forget me knot' a play on words as the main character Ike, has a fetish with hair, he kills his partners and cuts locks of their hair tying them into knots and hiding them in a black box with past pictures of the deceased girlfriends.
We changed the ages of the characters so they are 20 but Ike's past girlfriends were past wives and we realised this couldn't work now that Ike wasn't a vampire because he hadn't been 20 for many years so we changed this idea to fit accordingly to the genre and new idea!

1 comment:

  1. A lovely and thorough presentation girls. You have really taken on board advice and questions. You have a do-able idea that you should be able to produce with adequate planning. Now you need to begin scripting and storyboarding.