Monday, 14 March 2011

Editing Cont'd.

We have looked over our film and decided that some parts of the film just didn't work very well so we decided to re-film everything as we were able to work more co-operatively and effectively because we really knew what we were doing this time.

Filming went really well but we then realised half way through the boom hadn't been turned on! We re-filmed what we could but we were running out of time so we then had to edit what we had and do voice overs which ended up working out really well because the sound was much clearer.

I have now found two pieces of suitable music for our piece which i will have to edit because they are too long for our five minute film. It will take some time to perfect the timing of the two songs with the pace of the film but we should be able to do this within the time limit of the gantt chart.
They are called:
'Personal Demons' and 'Final Sacrifice'.

Once the editing has been successfully put together with the music i will be satisfied with our finished feature!

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